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Performance Solutions

Where projects vary from the prescribed Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) provisions, 3D Solutions can help demonstrate compliance with the relevant Performance Requirements. This enables costs savings through flexibility with designs to suit specific needs of the occupants for whom standards prescriptive solutions may be unsatisfactory or impractical. This approach stems from the discipline of Fire Engineering whereby new technologies and relationships between occupants and buildings can be drawn upon to develop a solution which either complies with the Performance Requirements or is at least equivalent to the DTS provisions.

Due to our range of experience within the Built Environment we are confident of our ability to deliver Performance Based Solutions that are not only technically robust to meet compliance with the Building Code of Australia and Premises Standards but are also concise and easy to interpret. 


Peer Review

For that additional level of certainty that your project meets compliance 3D Solutions offers peer reviews of reports completed by other Building consultants, including Design reviews, Performance Solutions, Access Audits etc. Our team of experts hold qualifications in Performance-Based Building and Fire Codes, registrations in both Building Surveying and Fire Safety.


Capability Statement

Download our Capability Statement here: 3D Solutions Capability Statement




Additional Services

3D Solutions are proud to advise that we are partners with Disability Access Specialists 3D Access, Fire Safety Engineers Dobbs Doherty, and Acoustic Specialists Cogent Acoustics.

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